2020 BUCS

New College, Leicester

Event Dates:

01/02/2020 - 02/02/2020

Choose one of the gymnasts listed below to see their individual scores for the competitions they have competed.

Aisling McGovern - WAG Gr4

Bizzie Ascham - WAG Gr4

Charlotte Weatherburn - WAG Gr4

Daisy Broadbent - WAG Gr2

Dale Jr Fabic - MAG Gr3

Erin Barton - WAG Gr3

Jessica Johnson - WAG Gr3

Joe Butler - MAG Gr2

Jordan Wathall - MAG Gr3

Kristin Großbaier - WAG Gr2

Liam Thompson - MAG Gr3

Madeline Hartnoll - WAG Gr2

Masenesa Shnaib - MAG Gr3

Matthew Dawson - MAG Gr3

Polly Dowdle - WAG Gr4

Zachary Nelson - MAG Gr3