2022 YG Team

Catterick Leisure Centre

Event Dates:

11/06/2022 - 12/06/2022

Choose one of the gymnasts listed below to see their individual scores for the competitions they have competed.

Abigail Naylor - Zinc Junior

Beth Sanderson - Copper Junior

Bobbie Foyle - Copper Senior

Chloe Allen - Zinc Junior

Daisy Wildgoose - Zinc Petite

Eleanor Frith - Copper Senior

Ella Stoner - Copper Junior

Ellissa Redfern - Copper Junior

Emiliana Osborne - Zinc Petite

Emily Faunt - Copper Senior

Emily Martin - Zinc Petite

Emily Willis - Zinc Junior

Evie Flower - Copper Senior

Isla Tonks - Zinc Petite

Lori Tyler - Zinc Junior

Lottie Hodgson - Zinc Petite

Lucy Dodd - Copper Junior

Lucy Rackham - Copper Senior

Maisy Mason - Copper Junior

Maizey Care - Copper Junior

Martha Illingworth-Ralph - Copper Senior

Millie Mae Christie - Zinc Junior

Mya Menzie - Copper Junior

Olivia Naylor - Copper Junior